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Hey guys,
So with my build being done I have a lot of parts that came off of my 98 Cobra.. I don't have the parts on hand at this very moment but my buddy will ship them for me from CA. You can look at my feedback, I don't mess around with selling stuff, and even though the parts aren't in my hand they will be shipped within a day of payment. Ok so here is what I have..
98 Engine Wiring Harness: this is for the injectors and stuff. This is very hard to find trust me it took me forever to find this.. $300 shipped..
98 Lower Wiring Harness: This is the harness that connects to the coil packs.. It has been spliced into for a MSD DIS-4 Unit. The MSD unit does not work and needs to be sent back to MSD for a rebuild. I will include the MSD box in the price if anyone is interested. $250 shipped W/ MSD box!!!
98 Factor Ford Coil Packs: These have about 3k miles on them since they were bought brand new! $80 shipped for both..
Taylor ThunderVolt series Spark plug wires for 96-98 Cobras: These have about 30k miles on them.. They worked great on my car and are a great wire.. Looking for 40 shipped.
All the shipped prices are for the lower 48 states. I can get pictures if you would like as well. :beer:
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