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all brand new items for a 99-04 mustang unless noted
Ford Racing M-3050-S extended ball joints for a lowered car $40
Ford Racing M-3070-G2 lower "A" arm bushings $40
Ford Racing M-2300-M GT rear brake kit to install Cobra calipers
(includes 2 rotors ,2 adapter brackets, 2 shields) $150
Ford OEM F4ZZ-7056-A clutch shaft $20
Ford OEM 2 each 2R3Z-9H486-AA lower super charger gasket
(03-04 Cobra) $25 for both
Ford OEM 2 each F6ZZ-9H486-C intake gasket
(96-98 Cobra) $25 for both
I cleaning the my parts shelves, more parts to follow
All prices are negotiable
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