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99 Cobra Part Out, various parts, 03/04 cobra throttle bracket and IC pump

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Cleaning out the garage and I want these parts gone! Feel free to make offers. I am located in Raleigh, NC if you are local. Just about ANYTHING you see in the photos for sale. If you see it and it isnt listed just make me an offer! Thanks! - Rob

99 Cobra Teksid Block 118k miles, needs bore cleanup from minor scuffing. (let me know if you want photos of each individual bore)
$300 you pay shipping

8 stock motorcraft 4v COPs. $10 a piece!

Set of 99 Cobra C heads with cams. $200 for the set you pay shipping.

99 Cobra front timing cover with sensors. $50

99 Cobra COP valve covers with COP covers which have gaskets. $100

99 Cobra throttle cable bracket $20

03/04 Cobra Throttle/Cruise bracket $50

99 Cobra and 05 Mustang GT (3v) Oil pickups $20 each

99 Cobra Oil Pump housing (will include gears but I would not reuse them) $50

4R70W Valve Body Gasket Kit TransTec $20

03/04 Cobra Bosch Intercooler Pump $50

2005 Lincoln Aviator Driver side 4V C head with cams. Looking for a picture of it before I boxed it up. Had a seller and they fell through. Its packaged in expanding foam so its not coming back out of that box except by the buyer! Very clean, no sludge buildup, looks like it had a valve stem seal or guide go bad, had oil in exhaust of one port. $250 you pay shipping.

Random used timing parts, cobra engine bolts, windage try, make me a very low offer for whatever you need. Have no use for this.

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