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I've been dealing with lots of trials and tribulations with my Kenne Bell tune - making sure it's safe and right for the WICKED power levels that my car is producing.

The other day, I put a test chip in the car and it was defective. It zapped the whole computer! Game over, out of commission.

My only options were to bring the car to Ford to have the computer re-flashed (BAD IDEA) or find a performance vendor that has the Ford equipment to do so.

I put in an emergency phone call to Jim D'Amore and asked for help.

In short, he dropped what he was doing, shuffled around his schedule and made time to rescue me from my dreadful predicament.

One of his employees, Anthony, went out of his way to ensure that my car was safely transported to JDM's shop and took care of my car as if it was his own. I owe you one, Anthony!

Jim attempted to re-program my stock computer but could not - it was fried. So he took the computer out of his own car for me so that I could get back in the groove!! Since the codes were different, he re-flashed the computer so that I was equipped with my YDH1 again.

I spent a very pleasant day at JDM. While waiting for my car to be repaired, Jim was very cordial. He showed me around the shop, bought lunch and sodas all day and kept me entertained with stories and tech talk. The whole day was great!

And, most importantly, Jim and his lead tech Shaun made my car whole again. I drove away with my car as good as new.

I was not treated like a customer. I was treated like a good friend. I'll never forget it. I'm indebted to you, Jim!

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Jim D'Amore. Came through for me also..He is always willing to help out..Jim is one of those Vendors that's in the game for more then the money.He is one of us..
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