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Here is a list of all the suspension upgrades that I'll be adding to my Mach 1:

Tokico D-Spec Adjustable Shocks and Struts
Maximum Motorsports Front Coil-Over Kit w/ Springs (I'm contacting MM for spring rate)
H&R Sport Springs (rear pair only)
Maximum Motorsports Full Length Subrame Connectors
Wild Rides Battle Boxes Torque Box Re-inforcemnt Kit (Both Upper and Lower)
Steeda 4-Bolt Caster/Camber Plates
Maximum Motorsports XD Adjustable Lower Control Arms (spherical bearings on both ends)
Steeda Double Adjustable Upper Control Arms (spherical rod ends w/ Differential Bushings)

I am setting the suspension up for street/strip use (car is not a DD) so I am wanting to have both adjustable upper and lower control arms to allow for fine tuning. Has anyone run both adjustable uppers and lowers and if so do you recommend this set-up? My thinking is that installing both adjustable upper and lower control arms would be the best option besides upgrading to a panhard bar/torque arm set-up because it allows complete adjustability to fine tune the pinion angle and ride height (adjustable lowers allow raising ride height 2" and lowering 1" according to MM website). I want to stick with the adjustable lowers (mainly for additional clearance for drag slicks and also additional lowering for street use) but I wanted to know what everyone thought about running the adjustable uppers as well or if its recommended that I run non-adjustable uppers?

The car will stay N/A and not be putting down insane power (shooting for 375rwhp) but I want a suspension set-up that really hooks up at the track and can withstand hard launches. Also, my I am running Kooks LTs/Kooks Catted X-Pipe/SLP LM1's so the car is extremely loud so any additional NVH that accompanies the spherical bearings and bushings will not be heard nor will it bother me. The rearend is also being rebuilt at the same time the suspension upgrades are going on. I am going with the front coil-over kit because I will be upgrading the front control arms and K-member later on. I will also be deleting the rear seat and removing the front sway bar so I'm hoping to get the weight of the car down to about 3200 lbs with me in it for race weight and hoping to trap consistent 11s with that weight/power set-up. Basically a killer street/strip set-up without having to run any form of FI. Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.
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