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Aeroforce Interceptor Gauge (blue back ground) for 96-04 Ford OB2 Car, and Aeroforce Wideband O2 Setup. The gauge was only used for about a month, so it's like new, the wideband has never been new. Have paperwork and boxes for both. The wideband just ties into the gauge, and can be read on the top or bottom of the screen (or not at all, if you want to look at other parameters). Has both white/black faces, black or polished bezels (easy to swap out), and has the $10 optional SVT logo on the lens.

The Interceptor is the baddest gauge I have ever had, the only reason for selling is I parted out the car it was in, and Im looking at 5.0 cars, and GM's *cough* right now, so it wont work for me.

It can tell you anything a scan tool can, read and clear codes, and can tell you two parameters on the screen at once. It also measures HP, MPG's, and I think 0-60 and other stuff. You can get sensors and adapt boost/oil pressure/nitrous pressure and other things into it. It tells fuel pressure on 99-04 Mustangs, tells you iat's (great for a blower/turbo car!), fuel pump duty cycle, injector duty cycle, MPH, RPM, etc, damn near anything! Also, to run just the gauge, all you do is plug it into your ob2 port, no wiring needed!

Here is more info on it

Here is a video of it in my car displaying coolant and rpm's, go to the 32 second mark

I had somebody wanting to buy the gauge recently, but didnt want to sell it, as I was looking at OB2 cars, but have changed my mind for the mean time, if I find another 96-04 car, Im going to keep this.

The gauge costs $240 ($250 after the logo addition), and the wideband setup costs $190, plus shipping at Lethal, thats around $450 (more if you live in Fl). Will sell for $405 SHIPPED!

Pics coming soon. If you have a 96-04, I recommend this gauge, and the wideband just makes it even better!
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