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A LFC of 15 could be-

B1887-Driver air bag circuit shorted to ground
B1916-Driver air bag circuit shorted to battery or ignition

The way to depower the SRS sytetm is, find the RCM(restraint control module) fuse in the CJB(central junction box) remove it, then key on the ignition. The lamp should stay on if you have the right fuse. The turn ign off and dissconnect the battery. Re-install fuse and re-connect battery. Then "prove out system"

Prove out the supplemental restraint system (SRS) as follows:
Turn the ignition key from ON to OFF. Wait 10 seconds, then turn the key back to ON and visually monitor the air bag indicator with the air bag modules installed. The air bag indicator will light continuously for approximately six seconds and then turn off. If an air bag supplemental restraint system (SRS) fault is present, the air bag indicator will either:
- fail to light.
- remain lit continuously.
- flash.
The flashing might not occur until approximately 30 seconds after the ignition switch has been turned from the OFF to the ON position. This is the time required for the restraints control module (RCM) to complete the testing of the SRS. If the air bag indicator is inoperative and a SRS fault exists, a chime will sound in a pattern of five sets of five beeps. If this occurs, the air bag indicator and any SRS fault discovered must be diagnosed and repaired.
Clear all continuous DTCs from the restraints control module using a scan tool.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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