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Hey I think I've finished the tune for my Mach1, car runs great, with 1 minor issue (RPM's hang at 1300 at idle some times but I'm working on that).

Mods are: intake spacer, catted x pipe, catback, JLT intake, MARCH WP/dampener, 90MM MAF, IAC restrictor and twin 62mm TB.

The timing holds at 28*, and i have the A/F dead on 12.8 until top end I have it go 12.6. The reason I have it go 12.6, correct me if I'm wrong, but on the dyno its holds dead on 12.8, but i figured with being on the road ill be forcing winds up to the speed of my car + and head wind into my intake (shaker/RAI) and that would lean the car out more then it would be just sitting on the dyno. I don't have a wide band installed yet so I can't tell if my theory is correct or not.

Well here is my file, please let me know if anyone sees any glaring issues/things I should do.

BTW, where can I upload the file? the forums do not allow it, as its it over the size limit, its 608KB

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