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Anyone know this car or the owner .

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Hi guys can you help me out .
There is a video of a silver 04 Cobra Coupe on, "you tube", doing a great burnout at a burnout comp at a rod run for the Southern Style Cruisers back in 2006 and the car sounds amazing , it has a side exit exhaust and I want to try and find out about it , I think it has Borla stingers but would really love to contact the owner for some more infomation.
On the vid it says the guys name is Ray . If you go to "you tube" and type in "cobra burnout" it will come up near the top.
Im sorry I cant type in the link on this forum as it wont let me but if you go to the link you will see the car.
Does anyone know the car or the current owner or even better the guy called Ray.
The rod club is situated in Louisiana.
Any help woulsd be really appreciated guys.
KP from New Zealand
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Thanks mate its a great burnout isnt it the exhaust sound gotta get me the same system.
The first time I watched it last year, I didn't even give a clam about the sound. The side exit exhaust pushed the smoke out to the sides and made it look epic bad azz.....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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