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Hey guys and gals!

I know this isn't necessarily the correct forum, but I know these systems are almost impossible to come across anymore, so I just wanted everyone to know one is available. So moderators, feel free to move if you must. :tip:

I pieced this system together from people who had spare components and a I completely took everything that Metco had left laying on the shelf as they do not make this kit anymore. So this is it! This system only saw Dyno time and since I switched to a Turbo setup I am no longer needing this! It worked great!

The only items it is missing is a lower pulley, one bolt for the lower bracket(don't know where it went for the life of me) and I'm looking for the spacers for the belt tensioner. The bolt for the lower bracket you can find at Fastenal. And I know where you can get a couple 10rib lower pulleys. So if you want this, I'll tell you where you can get them.

Not to mention this also come with a VERY NICE Innovators West SFI Approved harmonic balancer with adaptor plate for the lower pulley. This unit alone is $650 brand new.

$1000 takes all of this home. Let me know if you are interested!


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