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any arkansas cobras here other than me ? Dam!
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any arkansas cobras here other than me ? Dam!

I am from the Northeast. How's the weather out there?
ITs getting better, sun is out ,just got the blower cut up and I am ready to bring out the snake!
I pm ed you agin on the injectors
NEA right here

04 Redfire Cobra

There is a local whippled GT500, mineral grey terminator, and a few more cobras in the region too. Guess they aren't forum members or haven't found this section lol
everyone in the northeast? I guess that is where the money is at!
I wouldn't go that far the NW seems to being growing at a pretty good rate.
I just moved to Little rock. I'll be here for a few years. You guys want to do a cruise in?
Possibly if we could round enough up. I'd like to check your car out for sure.
I'm down...but for now, so's my car. Putting my KOTS motor in it.
Well, you guys can call me anytime. Garry 229-740-4417. I'm always down.
i am down with it.
I am assuming your at jacksonville airforce base?
I fly uh-60's at camp robinson!
oops double post sorry. This new layout is taking a minute to get used to.
I know there are other ones in the area just not on here I guess
to be honest with you i have only seen two other cobras in little rock other than mine!
I have seen two gt500s but there where some pretty old guys driving them
There is a local GT500 with a crusher 3.4 I think he's a member here
Any of you guys feel like helping me out? I could use another buddy to help pull old motor/trans. I'm just waiting on one more tool to arrive before I really get cracking.

Yeah Im on the base.

I honestly have only seen one Shelby near/on base. Haven't met the guy yet. Been too busy at work. I have seen a few sweet 5.0's and numerous 99-04 GT's on base though. But I have yet to see a Cobra other than mine...except for the one 98 I saw in a parking lot. But it looked stock.
Yea you would be in jacksonville or do you have a house in little rock.
Where you going to pull the engine on the base or somewhere in little rock.
I probaly can help you.

You know anything about tunning? I have done a few ls1 cars with hp tuners, I am now using prp with a xcal and this stuff is over my head. LOL, but i am way too stubbourn to quit.
I live right off base in Jacksonville. Literally 45 seconds from the base. I have everything I need in my garage. Just time consuming is all. I do know a little sumptin sumptin about tuning. We might be able to point you in the right direction.
well i am going to texas in the morning, I will give you a shout when i get back
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