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any arkansas cobras here other than me ? Dam!
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zank, you back yet? Also I'm looking around for a dynojet...anyone know where one is locally? Dude, you guys really need to hit me up. Got something big in the works. You locals will definetly want to be a part of. PM me or just call me and we can figure it out.
yeap I am back. Leaving again friday though.
Ive actually moved on to a frc c5.
Its pretty dead around here.
I know of a dynojet just south of little rock about 15min. Guy is a prejudice asshole but it the only thing local other than texas or memphis
We need to get together running again.
Conway,AR here
93 fox
91 notchback
I found a dyno jet in little rock. decent shop but it should do nicely. Zank...lets organize somethin.
Or not..........?????
September 18th its on man, you down?
Anyone know where to get a good front end alignment in the Little Rock area?
Look through or forums. There are a few resources there. One place you might try is christian brothers automotive in maumelle. Speak to Grant.
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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