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April 11, Morgantown, PA

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Not my gig, but should be attending.....
Open invite for all car clubs!

That's right folks! Its time to announce this years Sonic meet. This has been going strong for 2 years and has generated endless hype and fun. We want to continue that success into this year's event! We are expecting well over 500 people to show up from over 50 different forums and clubs to caravan from all over the northeast and decend onto Sonic on April 11th, 2009! In the past, people have caravaned from Chester county, bucks county, montgomery county, Philly, New Jersey, Lancaster county, Reading area, York area and some have even come from farther away than that!
Whats new this year? We have relocated to the Morgantown, PA Sonic Drive-in. After overrunning Ephrata 2 years in a row it was clear that space had become an issue. Morgantown has a lot more of that to offer and should result in much better parking situation. Sonic and the local authorities have been made aware of this so please be on your best behavior and such. We want to continue to represent ourselves well and keep this event going!
When: Saturday April 11th, 2009
Rain/Snow Date: April 18th, 2009
Time: Noon at Sonic
What: Meet and Cruise to Sonic Drive In in MORGANTOWN, PA
850 CROSSINGS BOULEVARD, MORGANTOWN, loc: Elverson, PA 19520 - Google Maps

If enough interest is generated from the high end car groups, we will arrange for VIP parking so that your vehicle can be kept right where you want it. Please contact [email protected] with inquiries about that and with any other questions!

THERE IS ALSO GOING TO BE A FOOD DRIVE! So please bring out some canned good and non-perishable items to donate to charity!
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