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Selling my BBS RX 17x9 wheels. They were my race rims and were great! Unfortunately, I upgraded to the Brembo 2000 Cobra R calipers and these rims do not clear them without a .5-.75 inch spacer (no thanks).

$850 + shipping OBO

Located 33709, St. Petersburg, FL

These wheels are no longer made by BBS. When they were, they were specifically for the 94-04 Mustang. Screenshot from BBS when I heard they were discontinuing them:

They are not perfect but are in, what I consider, VERY GOOD condition. If you were to get them refinished - they could be great. Most of the lug nut holes show scrapes/wear - these are the worst spots on each wheel.

Center caps - they appear to be bubbled in the pictures - but that is simply because the factory plastic covers are still on them - you can simply peel that off and they all look PERFECT. I just never took off the protective plastic.

One thing to note - all of the rims have some slight shaving on the bottom of the inside outer lip. I'm not sure what was doing this on my car but I believe it was the front control arm or maybe one of the rear IRS bolts. 2 of the rims have it worse and 2 hardly have it all. I do not believe this will affect the integrity of the rims in any way - I used them for several races like this. The Goodyear that dismounted my last set of tires also believed it was not an issue. I tried to get pictures of this on all the wheels. PLEASE UNDERSTAND - My car is slammed and I have not corrected all of the geometry items yet - so a car that is not on its nuts like mine will probably be fine since BBS made these specifically for the Mustang.

All the pictures:
20110409 BBS RX Wheels pictures by vertigyn - Photobucket

This wheel has the worst of the "shaving" I mentioned.


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