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BMR S197 Performance Handling Package!

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BMR S197 Performance Handling Package
Fits 2005-2010 GT, GT500
*limited quantities available*

"The Best Bang for The Buck, Period"

BMR Suspension has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing suspension components for S197 Mustangs, since their inception.

This Performance Handling Package was specifically designed for the S197 owner who wants to increase the performance and handling of their 2005-2010 Mustang, without breaking the bank...and their back.This complete kit allows the user to experience increased handling and performance, a quality ride, and the ability to drive their Mustang on a daily basis without having their teeth chatter from too much NVH transmission, and overly stiff coil springs.

Package Includes the Following:
(2) KR500 Rear Shocks
(2) KR500 Front Struts
(2) BMR Front Lowering Springs
(2) BMR Rear Lowering Springs
(1) BMR Camber Bolt / Set
(1) BMR Front Sway Bar
(1) BMR Rear Sway Bar w/ Billet End Links
(1) BMR Adjustable Panhard Rod
(2) Ford Upper Strut Mounts

**Available in Red, or Hammertone Black Powdercoat**


Please PM me for ordering information. Extremely Limited Quantities Available​
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Add BMR Rear Lower Control Arms, and BMR Rear Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets for $199.99

BMR S197 Rear Lower Control Arms

BMR S197 Rear Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets
Great news, we will be able to ship out a few more of these packages, on-(around) 05/27/2011.

If you have any questions, or need any additional information...feel free to post or shoot me a PM.

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