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In the next two weeks Snow Performance Water-Methanol Injection systems will be available with braided stainless line. This braided synthetic methanol-proof EPDM hose withstands up to 1250 psi. The hoses are pre-cut for each application and will screw directly into the pump, reservoir, nozzle-holders, solenoids, and other fittings for a seamless install.

"Braided tubing is the standard for fluid systems in high performance applications," says Matt Snow, President Snow Performance. "In recognition of this, we have produced this hose upgrade in custom lengths for all Boost Cooler® systems."

If you would like to upgrade your current system to braided line, upgrades will be available for every system we sell including dual nozzle set ups.

Contact us with any questions and look for pricing for all systems within the next two weeks.
94201.jpg IMG_2519.jpg BraidedLine.jpg
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