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Brand New BMR LCA Relocation Brackets, Never even opened the box they were shipped in

These brackets in conjunction with our tubular control arms have already produced 1.33 60 foot times!
A vehicles "Instant Center" determines it's ability to transfer weight properly upon acceleration. The angle of the upper and lower control arms produces an intersect point that initiates this weight transfer. With fixed control arm mounting points, it is not possible to tune this instant center position in the chassis. Our control arm relocation brackets provide additional rear mounting holes that allow you to alter the instant center by varying the control arm angles. This mod is recommended for any type of racing and should also be performed if the vehicle is lowered to correct the rear suspension geometry. Mounting hardware included. Available in Black Hammertone or red powdercoat. NOTE: It is necessary to weld the brackets in place if the vehicle will be drag raced.
CAB005 Bolt-in Control Arm Relocation Brackets

Asking $115 and i will ship overnight for free
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