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I started a build thread in the swap section but am looking for some info on how I should tune the car

I have been researching until my eyes bleed and still have a few (probably basic) questions I can't seem to figure out. I am swapping a 1998 Mark VIII into a 1965 Mercury Colony Park Station wagon. I am trying to do this as a budget build, and am trying to figure out the best/cheapest way to get the engine to run without emissions or PATS.

Can I just send my PCM to someone to have it flashed (affordably?) If so who? Many of the threads about this are 10+ years old, and some of those people aren't around anymore.


Do I have to buy the $400 SCT and then pay an extra $100+ for a tune? I want the car to operate as stock, don't need any extra power at this time. Just trying to keep the budget in check. Thanks.

Grand Rapids, MI


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