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Owners of the exciting 2005-2008 GT Mustangs can now enjoy the benefits of this complete air intake assembly WITHOUT the need for a computer re-flash. For maximum performance (increased timing with air/fuel ratio tuning capability) and to improve the throttle response, you will STILL need to do a computer upgrade.

For those customers who do not want to re-program their processor, C&L offers an exciting new option that will allow you to install the C&L "Street" intake without having to re-flash your computer.

The "Street" system is a complete throttle body forward package that replaces the entire factory air intake assembly. It comes with a new cast aluminum inlet pipe, CNC machined aluminum mass airflow housing, conical filter assembly, filter shroud assembly, hoses, stainless steel clamps, installation hardware, installation tool and detailed instructions.

On Sale for $319!
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