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My boyfriend has a 2011 GT Mustang, He would turn on his car all the lights would turn on like normal, his blinkers, his windows work just fine, everything works but when he turns it on to ignition it wont start and it would start making knocking noises and the anti theft light would start to blink, he tried to do what the manual said but that didn't work.
I've read other forums saying to Unplug the battery or leaving the key on for 10 minutes that didn't work either is their something else he could try?
As much as possible he doesn't want to take to a shop as it would cost a lot of money. a few days ago he did mess with the fuse box because he took out the traction control for racing but then later found out that traction is good so he put it back. but his car was able to drive then. and now all of a sudden it does this.
But if he does have to take it to a dealership? any idea on what they would have to do and how much it would cost?
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