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central illinois dude needs friends!!!!!

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Ha what a title. Sounds like I am one heck of a loner huh? well the truth is I am.Hey every one my name is buddy, Im 36 married with 3 boys. I am originally born and raised in evansville indiana.My dad had a body shop there for many many years.He also owned chandler raceway 2 different times.I grew up around cars and mostly fords and lincolns my whole life.I am presently a mark8 enthusiast and am fixing to start doing a build on my own m8.I now reside in centrall illinois.I have lived around the pekin peoria area for 13 years(where my wife is from) and ever since i left evansville all i have done is go to work and go home.I am writing this in hopes I can maybe make a few friends to hang out with and maybe do some stuff with.I am a professional automotive collision and paint technician and have been doing it my whole life.If anyone out there in and around my area would like a friend that enjoys cars,metal,paint and some sports give me a holler some time.I find myself racking on the years and dont do enough to enjoy myself.So now that I have spilled my guts (lmao) give me a holler some time. ~buddy
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welcome to Mod Fords, sorry though, im northern IL. Going to the track 8/20 (Friday) to Greatlakes Dragaway if you want to make the haul
The best place would be on
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