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This car is owned by one of my best friends and good customer Chris Cruz (Cruzing2much)

Evolution Performance, Inc. - 2011 Mustang GT 5.0L 4V Factory 6-Speed Automatic Runs [email protected] weighing 3,900lbs with Driver.

The car makes 1,002 RWHP and 1,070 RWTQ on e85 Pump Gas witha L&M Engines Built 302 CID 5.0L 4V and a 4.0L Whipple "Crusher" Twin Screw Supercharger.

I highly recommend watching the Video directly on YouTube in 1080P HD!

This build was a collaboration of the very best in the industry and I want to take a moment and thank everyone involved individually.

L&M Engines ( - Michael and the boys build one hell of an engine. Not only does it make huge power, it's been proven to be very reliable with everything we've been throwing at it.

Lund Racing ( - What can't I say? Jon Lund has been tuning for us for the past 7 Years and is simply the best. This past weekend we showed up at the NMRA Ford Nations at MIR with an untested combination and within seven ¼ mile passes the car ran an [email protected]. Simply Amazing!

JLT Performance ( If you don't know Jay and his awesome line of Cold Air Intakes and Oil Separators then you've been hiding under a rock for the past 8 years. Jay and I have been discussing this "Super Big Air" 142mm Cold Air Intake for the past two years and how important it would be for future vehicles. Long story short, he got us a Pre-Production Intake to use on Chris's car. All I can say is the quality as usual is top notch and the Damn thing is Massive. No Restriction on this setup!

American Racing Headers ( Nick builds the best Longtube headers in the industry using American Stainless Steel and built in America by American workers. They always fit perfect and always make power. Maybe that's why their used by the fastest in the industry, including Ford Racing's Cobra Jet.

Ford Racing ( ) - Jesse Kershaw went above and beyond making this project succeed. The Ford Racing 10-Rib Supercharger Drive Upgrade (Part # M-8511-M5010) was one of the most important pieces to the puzzle. The amount of RPM we were turning, a 6-Rib or 8-Rib wouldn't survive. Ford Racing did an awesome job designing this upgrade and since this is a Street car it does retain the A/C.

Cervini's ( Jim Frie, Director at Cervini's came through huge for us at the last minute. We needed a hood to clear the Massive 4.0L Whipple Supercharger so the first thing that came to our mind is a Cervini's 4" Cowl Hood Right? Right, but one problem.. since we're running a 20% Overdrive Damper we had to run a 4.5" Supercharger Pulley so we could run street safe boost when we weren't racing…. One small problem, the 4.5" supercharger pulley wouldn't clear the hood. Jim made additional changes to the hood for supercharger pulley clearance and had it painted and back in our possession in 5 days.

Whipple Superchargers ( Dustin and Mike supplied us with the only 4.0L Whipple Twin Screw Supercharger in existence for the 2011-2013 Mustang GT 5.0L 4V.

R.J. Machine Company ( ) - Brian and Kurt Rossney also came through when I really needed them to. They engineered designed, machined, and hard anodized Custom 10-Rib Supercharger Pulleys in 4 days! Did I mention they dropped what they were doing to get this done?

Circle D Transmission ( They freshened up the Factory 6R80 6-Speed Automatic Transmission with Exedy Stage 2 Clutches to hold all the power we were throwing at it.

Circle D Specialties ( Chris worked with me on putting this billet converter together and all I can say, "It was dead on right out of the box". If you supply Chris with good data your converter will perform just like you wanted it to.

Steeda Autosports ( Big thanks to Don and Dario for supplying us with some street suspension parts that could handle the abuse we put in through on the drag strip.

Chuck Wrzesniewski (Evolution Performance, Inc. Lead Technician) This guy has a passion for this industry like no other. As most you know he always offers his advanced technical help to the community and will go out of his way to do so. Chuck did an excellent job putting this car together especially in the little time we had.

Chris Cruz - Chris is one of my best friends and good customer. No matter what crazy and unorthodox ideas I came up with for his car, Chris was always supportive and Never questioned anything.

2011 Mustang GT C/S 5.0L 4V Modification List
-L&M Engines Built 302 CID 5.0L 4V Diamond Pistons, Manley Pro Series I-Beam Rods, TSS Billet Oil Pump Gears, ARP Main and Head Studs (Stock Production Heads and Cams)
-Factory 6R80 6-Speed Automatic Transmission with Circle D Transmission Upgrades (Exedy Stage 2 Clutches)
-Circle D Specialties Pro Series Billet Torque Converter
-4.0L Whipple "Crusher" Twin Screw Supercharger @ 24lbs of Boost
-Ford Racing 10-Rib Supercharger Upgrade
-ATI 20% Overdrive Damper
-R.J. Machine 10-Rib Supercharger Pulley
-205lb Fuel Injectors
-CPE Return Fuel System
-Ford Racing Super Mono Blade Throttle Body
-JLT Performance "Super Big Air" 142mm Cold Air Intake
-JLT Performance Billet Oil Separators
-Afco Dual Pass Heat Exchanger with Fans
-American Racing 1 7/8 Longtube Headers with 3.5" Collector and Off-Road X-Pipe
-Dynomax 3" Bullet Catback Exhaust System
-Steeda Upper Control Arm and Mount
-Steeda Billet Lower Control Arms
-Steeda Tubular Radiator Support
-Evolution Adjustable Panhard Bar and Brace
-Black Weld RT-S Wheels with Mickey Thompson ET Drag Slicks
-Cervini's 4" Cowl Hood
-E85 Pump Gas
-Custom Dyno Tuned By Jon Lund of Lund Racing

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