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Chromoly UPR Tubular A Arms

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I have for sale a set of 79-04 Chromoly UPR A-Arms

I was going to put them on my car..but I need the money to finish my carburetor swap, so that is the only reason why I am getting rid of them.

Looking to get $150 shipped for them.

I'll have pictures up shortly...or you can shoot me an email at

[email protected] and I'll have it to you quicker.

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Are these foxbody a-arms or the 94-04 arms? There is about a 1" difference between the 2 and I need the shorter ones.
Yup they are fox length! I got them so that my skinnies would fit flush on my they are the shorter one.

However these will also fit on 94-04s as well with a 1/2" spacer for street tires..or 1" spacer for skinnies.
will these fit 01 mustang gt? text 2032176695
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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