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comin back home and nd a tune

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hey guys im movin back from florida and i just did a full rebuild on my car and dont have time to get it tuned before i leave florida. what i nd is a gd tuner around the springfield or St. Louis area. if u guys have any idea i'd appreciate the feed back.:thanks:
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Go to Anderson Ford Motorsports in Clinton Il, its about 45 min away from Springfield and talk to Danny... Where you move to in Illinois? I'm in Jacksonville.
Im in carlinville, about 45 min. from u. u dont know what kind of tune he uses do, cause i already have a sct livewire so i kinda want to stick with a sct tune so i didnt waste 600 bucks on a handheld.
He uses diablo...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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