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Complete ProCharger P-1SC intercooled supercharger system with Anderson Ford Motorsports PMS. This is the complete system removed from a 1999 Mustang SVT Cobra. Great care was taken to remove this so it would be easy to install on your vehicle and everything you needed would be included. It is my understanding that this kit is a direct fit for 99-01 Cobra's and 01 Bullitt's and may easily fit other applications. As you can see in the pictures the whole system is here including the two core intercooler, blow off valve, modified Ford Serpentine belt tensioner, tube style power steering cooler, modified upper water neck and radiator hose required for proper installation. The system was installed on the car for about 3,500 miles. In addition a Pro M brand Protube that relocates the mass airflow meter and air filter inside the fender well is included. The PMS engine control computer includes the hand held controller and complete users guide. In addition you get a 3 bar MAP sensor with the PMS. This is everything you need to install and tune this setup and make incredible power in a weekend. The setup made 440hp to the ground in a 99 Cobra. The installation and owner/user manuals for both systems are also included. Please understand that the system was just "bench" assembled for the pictures and some of the tubes were orientated differently than they would when installed in the car so the system would sit upright and everything would be visible in the pictures. I'm asking $4,250 OBO 217/622-8200
There are seventeen images in the 04n80cobra photobucket account.
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