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I've got a 2003 Cobra drivetrain for sale and if I don't get what i'm asking out of it I will part out the entire eaton and front accessory drive.

Entire Blower swap will be: $3,150.00. Includes every single peice you need including hardware. All you'll need is new gaskets, and a couple of pigtails new as i'm not cutting up the engine. harness.

CAI / Inlet Tube + filter hosuing
IAT Sensor
CCRM Modul
Intercooler Tank
all Idler Pullies
seperatine belts
Cruise control cable
acceleration cable
IAC valve
all Vacuum pipes
power steering line
crankcase breather
thermorstat housing
Crank pulley /Harmonic Balancer
Lower blower pulley / cage assembly
Pulley w/mount Replaces stk alt. Pulley
Pulley bridge assembly for S.C.
Idler pulley,timing cover LH side Timing cover
Upper alternator bracket
Lower alternator bracket
Tensioner on timing cover
Radiator hose
Water cross over pipe
Cobra oil cooler adapter
Cobra Oil cooler
Cobra fuel tank
Cobra fuel pump
Eaton supercharger & inlet / Throttlebody
Lower intake
Garrett factory intercooler
IAT sensor connector
Intercooler pipe to heat Exchanger
Ford / Bosche water pump for intercooler
Heat exchanger mounting bracket
Lower manifold to intercooler water adapter
EGR Valve
Tube to exhaust manifold
Water pump intercooler bracket


Will also include, power steering pump and lines if needed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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