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convertible top replacement

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I have a 2001 mustang GT convertible and the top is white with mold spots that I can not remove. I want to replace it with a black top and saw the tops on . I want to know how hard is it to replace and do I need special tools? What is all needed in replacement? (i.e. new Convertible top, Headliner, rear window)

Thanks in advance.
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use stainless steel staples

Be prepared for a big job. If you are good at upholstery, this will help a lot. If you are a "right" brain engineer type, consider enlisting the help of someone with a "left" brain. This is not an exact science but more like an art form (that is the reason I personally would never attempt).

Make sure to use stainless steel staples. If not, they will rust and you will be re-doing it.

If you are replacing the top (and changing color), you will need a new rear wind screen (window glass) as well.

On other posts, I have read recommendations to clean and paint the convertible top hoop molding. It is much easier to do off of the car.
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