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Coyote Powered Fox Body Drag Car Build

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Blow By Racing has just kicked off the 5.0L Coyote Powered Fox Body Drag Car Project.

Car : 1989 Mustang GT Hatchback (vin'd, insured and registered for the street)

Engine :
BBR Built Forged Coyote Shortblock w/ Forged Pistons, Rods and Crank, Stock 4V Coyote Head, Stock 4V Coyote Cams

Power Adder :
Procharger F-1A

Transmission :
Powerglide Race Built Transmission w/ 4,000 stall converter

Fuel System :
BBR "JACKAL" Return Style Fuel System (for fox conversions)

Electronics/Computer :
Ford OEM 2011 Computer w/ Ford Racing Pack & Tuned with SCT Software

Suspension :
Combination of Steeda, UPR and BMR Fabrication

Wheels/Tires :
Race Star Industries Drag Wheels w/ Mickey Thompson Sportsman Fronts and Mickey Thompson ET Street II Drag Radials

+ MUCH MUCH MORE which I will keep you all up to date with.

Today's Pictures

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Look's like this swap would be way to fun. Cant wait to see the end result! The 5.o looks sweet between the fenders.
Thanks! Can't wait to finish it up. New headers just came in today and the glide should be here any day now.
New BBK Performance 1 7/8" Coyote/Fox Conversion Headers are in. They lead to a 3" Collector and include a 3" Off Road X-pipe.

We've also got our new Ultra Bell installed to test fitment.

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That didn't take long for bbk to make a conversion header. Awesome swap/build!
very nice!! looks like its going to be BAD ASS!! that 89 looks so sexy with that motor!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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