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Yes, this requires some machine work but for those who have the equipment or can think out of the box on how to make this mod this should work just fine.
Anyone that has a really large TB like a 90mm may be experiencing a VERY sensitive cruise control. May car cannot maintain a steady speed without bucking the car pretty violently while trying to maintain a steady speed. The reason for this is b/c the cruise control motor is programmed to pull the cable at a specific rate in order to maintain the proper speed. When installing a larger TB this same amount of pull rotates the throttle blade the same amount however b/c the TB is so much larger a higher volume of air is going into the motor which makes the car accelerate a lot faster than before.
I've experimented with making the cable connection on the TB bracket up to 3" from the throttle blade pivot point and it still didn't help and making it longer than this would only cause interference with the fuel rails.

Solution: There is a pulley inside the cruise control and turning this pulley down to a smaller diameter prevents the cable from being pulled as far. This modification 100% solved this issue. See pic of what I did.

Also, on my car which uses a custom throttle blade bracket the cruise control connects to the stud on the TB bracket approx .500" from the throttle blade pivot point and I currently have room to go longer to soften the acceleration rate a lot more but right now I don't see the need for it. This mod worked so well that the car was a complete joy to cruise around in.

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