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Sold--Custom 8-ball shift knob, very slight blemish

SOLD--$40.00 including shipping via Priority Mail...

I bought a dozen 8-balls from a different supplier than I normally use, and after getting the first one bored out I found that one and eight of the others had slight blemishes in the "8"--very slight, but unacceptable to my standards. The ball is smooth and polished at that point, it's just that the black resin for the number bled a bit.

I returned those I had not bored yet, but finished this one:

As you can see it comes with a polished jam nut (to keep the "8" aligned) and two polished spacers; 3/8" and 3/4".

Here's 'tother side of the knob showing the polished alloy insert:

I normally sell the 8-balls for $60.00, $10 more than a cue ball because of the need to make the jam nut. $40.00 will get you this knob, including shipping via USPS Priority Mail (US only).
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