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desperate need in good 4v shortblock....

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hey guys,

please PM or email me if you have a line on a GOOD...... 4v shortblock.

I bought a nice azz 98 Cobra, for a great price after my crappy bankrupting divorce.
come to find out it had 2 bad pistons that was not disclosed.....

I am really in sad shape financially and can't even get a Lowes card.... LOL... not funny :-(

anyway.... shoot me an email at [email protected] if you know of anything that
will basically bolt up and will let me re-use all my 98 Cobra stuff, heads,
the car only had 50k miles on it...... "had a bad tune"

thanks a lot........

I would love a 03-04 Cobra shortblock cheap, or 96-98 Cobra shortblock cheap.
and would love a MMR $2500 shortblock, but that is how poor I am ..... sad, and no garage.

a buddy is going to help and let me use his lift garage etc.... I just don't want the car
apart for months, and a new rebuild gaskets etc.... is too much for me to handle...

distressed in lower DE.

yes I have been all over e-bay and everywhere else, but some of you lucky connected guys
know where $700-$1200 good stuff is.... and I don't have that luck.
Don't want to go the 6 bolt Lincoln motor route... and don't know what all is compatible.
I really want to re-use my 98 intakes, cams, heads wink wink

yes, I had it all, and was lucky, then was taken to the cleaners, and I have joint custody of
2 great still young kids.... daycare was/is hell. You know! don't do divorce, it sux!
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