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Sorry if this has been beat to death somewhere, but I was having a hard time finding good results searching...

I have a T45 behind my supercharged 4.6, no issues with the trans or motor. Even the current clutch is just an OE replacement I put in years ago that doesn't give me issues slipping. I had reused my old (un-resurfaced) flywheel however, so it has chatter like mad. Lesson learned. It's an 11:1 Mark VIII engine with 8# of boost, so I'm guessing it's ROUGHLY around 400hp. Never been to the dyno, drag strip etc to back up that number.

Regardless, it's all in a '78 280z with a home-built hydraulic slave setup and the pedal effort is very high. Like if I drive it more than a few times a week, my knee will start aching on stairs. Not ideal. If I try to drop the pedal force by changing the M/C or slave cylinder sizes, then I won't have enough travel at the clutch fork.

The throw out bearing just died on me yesterday, so I'm considering a clutch with lighter pedal effort while I go in there.

What are people's thoughts on a Stage1 or Stage2 Centerforce clutch setup? They don't list any pedal force measurements (ie, 30% lighter engagement) on their website, so I don't know if it's a noticeable difference or not.

Thanks in advance!
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