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Apten is having two tuning events setup this month. I'll be tuning at Word Ford Challenge May 16th and 17th. Those tune times are by appointment, and there's not a lot of spots left.

We'll also be flying to carlisle PA to tune on May 30th and 31st. There is someone locally that will be arranging those spots, so I can forward anyone intrested to that contact. I'd guess the spots won't last long.

I will have the equipment to take data and program almost any Ford, Lincoln, or Merc. I need to know in advance what you want tuned, as well as the processor code from the vehicle.

We do custom EEC flashes, so if you are worried about warranty problems, this is the way to go. You don't even have to remove your computer for the flash!

Prices do not include dyno time:
custom dyno tune with EEC flash: $250
custom dyno tune with single program chip: $300
custom dyno tune with two program chip: $325

For info on Apten, check out We write our own chips and can tune just about anything you want :)

Brian Herron
[email protected]
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