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Just installed a Dynojet Wide Band 2 Kit over the weekend. I figured I'd post a couple of pics of where I mounted the module and ran some of the cables. The WB2 module is mounted in the passenger side footwell behind the plastic cover. I took the door sill plate off, and then popped off the main panel (not the smaller panel that gives you access to a fuse block).

I found a key-on 12v power source in a open fuse slots on the fuse block, and then crimped on the supplied connector to the red 12v power wire on the WB2. The kit also includes a "fuse tap", so I installed a spare 5 amp fuse into the open fuse slot with the fuse tap, and then connected the red wire.

I crimped the supplied eyelet to the ground wire(s) of the WB2, and looked for a suitable ground location. There is a factory ground wire that's secured by a bolt near the fuse block.....perfect. A 10mm wrench was used to back out the screw, and then I slipped the WB2 ground wires / eyelet under the bolt.

I used a razor to make a small slit in the factory rubber gromment in the front of the passenger side footwell. I routed the WB2 sensor harness through the grommet, and then down behind the passenger side inner fender / splash guard. Since my tune has the rear catalyst monitors turned off, I went ahead and installed the WB2 sensor in the passenger side "Bank 1, Sensor 2" weld bung (it's on the cat). Although this is not the ideal location, I've used it in the past without any issues (in regards to heat, or accuracy). I connected the sensor to the sensor harness, and I was ready to rock.

I have a Dynojet white faced / black bezel analog stepper motor 2 1/16" gauge, but I'm not sure where to mount it. For now I'm using the LCD Touchscreen Display to monitor and record the data from the WB2. I have yet to connect the digital input to the (-) side of a coil, and I need to hook up the analog input to the "red with blue tracer" wire on the MAF.

More to come on another day............
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