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... met quite a few really nice folks, and got a heck of a tune. I have nothing but good things to say about Chris and his employees. They are all top notch guys to deal with, and I highly recommend them to anyone considering using them.

The weather could have been better... It rained most of the day, humidity was 88% when we did the final pull. I'd like to dyno again sometime soon in better weather just to see what kind of numbers it will make in more favorable conditions.

Final numbers were 388rwhp / 395.9rwtq on 9psi, AFR was a perfectly flat 12:1. This is a stock 01 GT motor, other mods are in my sig. Chris is damn good... driveability is excellent. I'm not unhappy at all, given my mods.

Here's a short video of my car on the dyno, I think it made 380/390 on this pull. Right-click, save as.

Also... we decided to use a LMAF instead of the Univer that I have, so if anyone needs a top of the line meter calibrated for 42# injectors, drop me an email or check the classifieds here.
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