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I just got home from this "event". Extremely dissappointed. Maybe I had my hopes set too high? No blown 4.6's at all!!!
1 count'em....1 Procharged 5.0. And he thinks he has got 640hp....too funny. He actually told me that. His motor (which he claims is a forged bottom end) looks like he just pulled it out of the junkyard. Says he is running 16psi of boost so by his guess 640hp.....I almost cried from laughter. No dyno #'s no build sheets..just BS. I have a friend that bought a MM/FF project car that was running 12psi through a T-trim and dynoed 432rwhp.
Maybe I am being harsh but half of these cars should have been in the spectator lot. I only saw 1 car with more than pulleys and cold air intake. And its not like these were low mileage Cobra's, they look like the people who owned them couldn't even run them through the car wash. My 98 GT is not show worthy IMO...but quite honestly looked better than alot that were entered in my class.
I kinda got the feeling that your car is usually either show...or go....or if funds permit..both. But these cars were neither. Just real dissapointed I guess.:(

Older Mustangs has a great turnout and were really clean....lots of Machs, and Bosses.......I was just really ashamed of the SN-95 bunch.
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