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In the future i am looking to go return style and this system caught my eye.

the engine will be a 5.3 BB/S fed by a whipple or a KB im guessing i will see in the 800rwhp range.

will this system be enough for my goals? aeromotive claims 1,100 flywheel for forced induction. so i would say 900ish at the ground. i will be getting a pump controller so im not boiling fuel or burning out the pump early. i will be using a glenns performance tank with this system.

how is the elminator pump for long trips? i spend alot of time in my car crusing and i dont want to be having problems with the fuel pump.

im just starting to put infomation together on return style fuel systems so any infomation will be helpful.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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