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Amidst hot weather and crappy track conditions, I finally got to the track with my Cobra. Considering the conditions, and the fact that I've never actaully ran a 6spd on the strip, I'm pretty pleased! Every run got better, and I never blew a run. I'm headed to a track rental this week, so I plan on continuing improvement. The weather will probably suck again, but I'll have a lot more time for cool down and much better track prep. The power is certainly there for much better times. :banggears

1st Run 2nd Run 3rd Run
60' 2.202 2.125 2.004
330' 5.844 5.758 5.553
594' 8.238 8.130 7.906
1/8ET 8.768 8.654 8.427
1/8MPH 84.91 85.88 86.51
1/4ET 13.318 13.180 12.917
1/4MPH 108.98 109.28 110.25

Steeda Tri-Ax is on it's way, so that should help on Thursday. Next up is 18x9&18x10.5 w/Toyo Proxes, and BFG Drag Radials on the factory wheels for the track. Then subframes, Autotap, intercooler reservoir, chip'n'pulley........ well, it's gonna be a long list! :D
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