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I am finally back working on my 91GT! I have planned doing a mod swap in it for over a year now but kept putting off, due mostly to working on the Cobra! My goal is to keep it at simple as possible, and make it my daily driver once again.

I have had the 91GT since it was new and before I got the Cobra it was my race car. The car at this point has braided fuel lines (which I will use) a sumped tank, 31-spine Mosers, 4.10 gear, rear end girdle, Full SPOOL :shocked C-clip elims, rear air bags, Southside lowers, comp eng adjustable rear shocks, 90/10 Lakewoods, frame connecters, 6-pont cage and a Mod/Fox tubular K-member.

My plan is to take a 93 Lincoln DOHC with the 4R70W tranny and install it with no changes other than installing Cobra exhaust manifolds.

I am considering doing a valve body in the trans but am unsure of what to choose. Keep in mind I am trying to keep costs down and use it for 90% street duty. Any suggestions?

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