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I've got an odd situation, and I'm hoping someone in the Jersey car scene would take a moment and point me in the right direction.....

I bought a used set of Saleen rims for my 03 Cobra a few months ago. The day after I bought them, I learned of the issue Cobra's have with the IRS and a 10" rear wheel. I polished the rims and quickly packed them up for sale.
I sold the rims to a guy in Tuckerton. Everything was fine until he emailed me back saying one of the rims has been cracked and an attempted repair was made. I had some issues with this kid prior to the sale where he made some lies and generally didn't follow through with promises. Due to that, I question his integrity. I have in my posession a picture of the repair that was made. I don't have any physical memory of seeing any repairs made on the rims, but didn't inspect them heavily since they weren't going on my car.

Now the LAST thing I want to do is screw someone, regardless if it's an innocent messup on my part or not. To keep my own integrity, I want to make things right. Unfortunately, I don't trust this young man, so things become dicey.
He's claiming that the cost of repair would be about $300, and that the rim would have to be shipped, repaired, and rechromed. That price sounds about right, but if I'm going to authorize this and pay for it out of my pocket, I want reassurance that it's really as damaged as he says.

SO, in the Tuckerton area, does anyone know of a rim repair shop that also rechromes? I'd contact the shop, tell them this guy is bringing in the rim, and have them verify his claims.

Sorry for the long post. I truly want to make things right with this kid, but I don't want to be taken to the cleaners.

Thanks in advance.....
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