Engine built by L&R Engines in LA area winter 2020. Less than 3000 miles on it, currently in an F150 prerunner. Built to handle boost loads over 20, currently at 8. Truck dyno'd at 400hp/480tq on 37in tires. Tuned by Pappinis Garage in Temecula CA. This was my first offroad truck and I have had enough with california smog restrictions. Focusing on pre-75 unlimited trucks. I absolutely love this motor/whipple combo. Runs cool even in extreme ambient conditions. 15000$ pickup in Socal. Also have 2 x 4R70W's built to handle 500hp (1 included with sale price).

Ford Racing Block and Heads
Mahle Pistons and rings
Manley Hbeams
Cobrajet Forged Crank
ARB studs
Melling high perf oil pump (the very expensive one)
Comp Camshafts
9.2:1 Compression, runs on 91 pump
Whipple 2.3 complete overhaul winter 2020 by whipple
EMP E2512A boost pump
AFCO Racing Heat Exchanger
5 gallon staging tank
Comes with HO Alt and starter and other accessories.
Banks headers