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VT Competition Engine Development is happy to announce a tuning session at their state of the art facilities in Lansing MI with they guys from FordChip on October 11th.

Who are the FordChip guys:

"Combined we have almost 30 years working at the OEM level. We aren't just guys that work in a speed shop…we actually design and calibrate these vehicles for a living.

Our combined resume includes degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering Technology plus SAE repair & OEM Calibration training. We do or have owned everything from small block powered 60s Mustangs, EEC adapted, fuel injected, 7-sec. big block GMs, supercharged V6s, turbo'd 2.3s, 5.0L Mustangs and T-birds to Tempos and Escort GTs. If it's a Ford…we've owned one before. Compare that list to your local chip burner's"

$150 retune if you already have a Forchip tune + $75 for the dyno
$300 for a NA tune and $75 for the dyno
$350 for a blown/N20 + 75$ for the dyno
$400 for a blown/N20/Flip chip + $75 for the dyno

We will be limiting the number of cars to 15, a $75 deposit is required to hold a spot. This deposit is Non-Refundable unless the tuning day is canceled. You can email me [email protected] for more information on how to make payments. Options include Paypal (add $3 for fees) - Money Order or Check.

Where VT Competition Engine Development is located

4216 Legacy Parkway
Lansing, MI 48911

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