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I have a pair of FordGT supercar heads for sale. These are actually prototype FGT cylinder heads - meaning no part # cast on the head. I bought these from one of the best modular builders in the business and he has field tested many of Ford's aftermarket stuff before it is released to the public. This is the case with these heads. I can put anyone in touch with this person if you'd like to verify this info. As you can also see in the pics, is also the almost unobtainable Cobra R intake that has been modified to fit a 4.6 with these heads. I do not own the intake but could help get you in touch for those interested.

The only thing with the heads is that some port work was started on 4 of the intake runners, but they are done right - meaning you would need to finish porting these before using. Great base to make some stupid power.

My plans have changed so I am selling these heads - they are bare with no valvetrain.

$1250 + the ride

Email is fastest way to get in touch with me - [email protected]

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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