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I'm running the 1/4 more than I had originally intended, and want to change my front c/o rate to something more suitable for drag racing. Whatever rate I go with, it needs to be liveable on the street (car will soon be a daily driver - it's just a fair-weather car right now)
The c/o springs I have in the front currently ride a little harsh for my tastes as well.

Car specs:

2001 Cobra convertible
weight: 3450 w/no driver
Stock 4V engine w/jba headers
PA K-member
MM front c/o's w/350# hypercoil springs
'03 Cobra coupe Bilstein struts

Car doesn't hook real well at the track (1.9 - 2.0 60' times),
and I'd like to increase weight transfer with a lighter front spring.

Any suggestions???
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