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I bought this last year to use on my fox, but plans changed.

The previous owner was a mustang shop that installed them on a car for a car show removed them. The mileage was from the trailer to the show field and back in the trailer. So little usage that they didn't even wear off the cadium plating on the rotors. Since they sat in their display case the brakeline mount has rusted. I can get braided brake lines from a racer for $50. So either clean them off or buy new. I am not hard up for cash and not really wanting to sell them, cause I know I will kick myself to find a set in such good condition for less than $1000 ever again.

The calipers are still loaded with the stock Ford Racing pads used on the Cobra R. If you notice the Rotor pic, that the rotor is a REAL BREMBO rotor not some OE replacment rotor. See the "b" with a circle that is Brembo logo.

I am located in Indianapolis and will ship Fedex or UPS with insurance of $1000, just in case. Also if you want to pick them up I will help out by driving 60 miles from indy.

I can email pics, the upload is not working very well
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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