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FS: 03/04 SVT Cobra Tremec T56. (SOLD)

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Tremec t56 transmission out of a perfectly running 2003 2004 SVT Cobra with 46,OOO miles. I bought the engine and tranny for my 67 Eleanor Clone build and have since gone a different direction with the transmission. I disassembled it to rebuild it and beef up for piece of mind but have since done a different direction with the tranny and no longer need this. Everything is there to rebuild. It's clean as a whistle. Purchase the normal rebuild parts and you have a perfect tranny. I do not have bellhousing for it. I am willing to wheel and deal for an aftermarket 03/04 cobra supercharger if you have it. I can ship this for $185.00 pretty much anywhere in the country at buyers expense. I can take pics of whatever you want if you need it. $1500.00
PM me if you are interested and i will give you my phone number to expedite communication.

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