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Looking to sell of set of front and rear 10th anni cobra brakes for 99-04 stangs...i bought these off a local club member for 350 picked me a great deal because cheapest i could find them was 430-460...the rears and brand new with pads and the fronts were only used for 1000 miles before he took them off and had them stored for about a month..not on my car on the previous owners car also with pads and comes with hoses...ive wanted these for a long time but times are getting tough so i have no choice but to sell them..i bought these only about a week ago but i need money elsewhere..

looking to get 330 shipped that includes paypal fees... and these things are pretty heavy so im already getting hurt on shipping..but i need the money..the only paint chips i can see are on the top of the front calipers very small and theres about only 2 on each of them..probably due to removal and just storing.. other than that these are in perfect condition.. These kind of calipers really make your stang stand out..

i took some pixs so judge for yourself..these come with the bolts that hold the brakets only..i use reuse everything else from your stock mach 1 brakes or cobra brakes

pm me if you have any questions..thnks
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