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Price: $250 obo. We can discuss delivery/meetup half way kind of stuff if you are interested.

I'm tossing around the idea of selling off my 81 project and picking up a 68 fastback project or a 40's/50's F100 truck project. The title is clean and in hand so it can be made into a street car or a race car. If it doesn't sell, I'll keep my plans of building it up, I'm just changing gears and going after the classic first now that I am done with the cobra for a while.

The car has no motor or trans. It was originally a 4 cyl car. There is no major rot on the car with the exception of in the passenger side of the cowl and rear sail panel area. The sail panels have rusted through a little bit and the cowl just has some heavy scale, no holes. I have a fox 8.8 to be swapped into the car that I will include as well.

The driver floor pan has cracked, but is not rusted out. The underside is very clean.

The car has no fuel or brake lines in it. I have all of the interior that I took out of it as well as all the glass and trim pieces and all of the wiring harnesses. The dash was smashed all up when I bought the car so it isn't there either, however I do have the stock guage cluster.

Anyhow, here are some pics of the car from the tear down phase. If anyone wants pics of something specific, let me know and I will snap them.

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