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~ FS: (2) 315/35/18 BFG G-Force DR's ~

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Up for sale a pair of **315/30/18** BFG G-Force Drag Radials. Dont pay attention to the title of the thread these are 315/30/18.

These are the ones that don't have any trade in the middle brand new. Retail for over $300 EACH. I'm selling super cheap.

They are pretty worn and maybe have ~ 400-500 miles left on them so I'll let them go for CHEAP. Their still sticky as shit though, especially when you warm them up.

They still grip better than my 1k mile 295 BFG KDW IIs so that is saying something. Only reason I took them off was for the cold and rainy months.

$75 for BOTH + Shipping.

Those are the best pictures I have here at College, these are in the garage at my home.

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Any offers? Price IS negoitable.
Sorry Mark. They are SOLD!
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