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Ok guys im relisting this car because some things have changed. I need to get this car sold very quickly. At this point im just asking for pay off or take over payments. I cant afford to go any less than pay off so please dont ask. Also, I am not interested in trades. Please call me at 5052055648 or email me at [email protected] for inquiries.

Now about the car.

2004 Azure blue Mach 1 with 38k miles. I really dont want to let her go as I LOVE this car, but I dont have a choice anymore. The car was bone stock save for some appearance stuff until 32k miles. At that time the stock 3650 5 speed was removed and replaced with a cobra spec t56 with 26 spline input shaft and a pst carbon fiber driveshaft. All brand new. These have since been removed and the stock driveshaft and stock transmission have been placed back on the car. The stock transmission is fine, and is in excellent shape. Shifts smoothly and is filled with Royal Purple Synchromax. It was replaced by the t56 because I had plans for the car with that tranny, but obviously things have changed so I need to recoupe some of the costs of that tranny and have pulled it and put the stock tranny back in to bring the price down on the car so I can sell those mods seperately.

Here is how the car sits now and will not change. It has the following mods:

These were installed at 32k miles and only have 6k miles on them:

Air Silencer deleted and capped
Roys 3/8" intake spacer
Rich1s Shaker Air Diverter
K&N Drop in air filter
Fiore Firewall Adjuster and clutch quadrant(makes shifting sooo much better)
Bassani Catted X-pipe
Magnaflow Magnapack catback
Forged 31 Spline Strange axles
FRPP 03-04 Cobra limited slip differential with carbon fiber clutches
FRPP 4.30 Rear gears
Hawk HPS Ceramic brake pads with freshly machined rotors all the way around
SLP Linelock

Appearance mods(Installed at 19k miles, except the tires, those have about 7k miles):

15% tint all the way around(except windshield)
Black Shorty antenna
8000k HID Head and fog lights
Sequential Tail lights
18x9 Chrome Bullitt Wheels wrapped in 245s up front and 275s out back(good tread left)

Car will come with the following:

Unlocked SCT Xcal 2 Handheld tuner(this tuner is still unlocked, never used it)
2 18x10 Chrome Bullitt wheels wrapped in BFG Drag Radials that are 295/35/R18 with only 7 passes on them(alot of life left)
All 4 stock wheels
stock rear gears
stock axles
stock differential
Stock exhaust if u want it(Dont have mid pipe, just catback. Sold midpipe to a friend)
Brand new, never used extra set of Motive 4.30 Rear Gears

The car is still on the stock tune. It is very clean with minor dings and scratches. Interior is in good shape too. Ive babied the car alot and it was never smoked in(dont smoke). The oil has been freshly changed and it has a brand new OEM clutch cable that has less than 20 miles on it.

Bone stock the car was dynoed at 283.3 rwhp and 320.2 rwtq....abit of a factory freak. With nothing but the exhaust added as performance mods it put down 295 rwhp and 320 rwtq. Its never been dynoed with the intake spacer, but I would imagine with a tune it will easily hit over 300 at the wheels.

Im asking $15,500 which is my payoff or if you want to take over payments thats fine too. I just gotta get this sold. So please HELP! Thanks

FYI, Car no longer has superman sticker on the back window

Stock Headlights:

HID Headlights:

Wheels with the drag radials mounted

This was new, before the 7 passes, still have plenty of life left though, ill provide pics of their current look on request. Dont have pics right now:

Dyno Pull:

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You should get financed from a independent company and they will cut you a check. you give the check to Movinatmach1 he pays off the car, gets the pink slip signs it over to you and deal done. Meen while this process you get the exact miliage from Movinatmach1 and ask that it be parked and if 1 more mile shows up on the gauge the deal is off. Just right up a self made contract. just my 2 cents.
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